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Thialy Sow is DH12 No.2.

Born in Senegal (West Africa) Thialy moved to Paris with his parents at the age of 8, leaving friends and relatives to make the 2,500 mile journey to further his education. The move came with some challenges later overcome and Thialy now spends his time between the French capital and London working as an Editor in the film industry.

Name: Thialy Sow
Age: 30
Born: Senegal, Africa
Occupation: Feature Film Editor

You moved from Senegal to Paris at the age of 8. What was that like as a young child?
It was a big change. My childhood in Africa was very carefree and relaxed in the sun. I grew up with such a diverse group of friends from so many different backgrounds, from all across the world.

It was a bit of a culture shock when I arrived in Paris. The weather for one thing! In the end it turned out to be an amazing and truly life-changing experience.

Is your family originally from Senegal?
My father is Senegalese and my mom is French. They met in Paris whilst he was studying engineering. After his studies he moved back to Senegal and my mom went with him and spent the next 20 years there.

It must have been tough to make the decision to move back to Paris after all this time.
It was. It was definitely voice of reason vs passion but reason won. There was a lot more opportunity in Paris at the time.

Do you travel back to Senegal?
I used to go every year when I was little, now I go back from time to time to visit my family in Dakar and some other family members who live in a small village in the mainland.

How did you make use of your move to Paris?
Well the main driving force for the move was to get a solid education. After high school I enrolled in university where I studied for three years specialising in film studies.

I then moved to Brussels to study another four years to earn a Masters degree in film editing.

What attracted you to the film industry?
I always knew I wanted to work in the film industry. From a young age I had an interest in film making and creating visuals. I used to create short films from home using a video recorder and editing on a VCR deck. My passion led me to pursue it.

So did you always want to be behind the camera, not in front?
I always wanted to be behind the camera. At first curious to direct movies but I later realised that telling stories through film was a lot more complex than just sitting in a director’s chair, and that editing was in fact the most crucial process of them all.

What’s involved with editing films?
I’m currently working as an Editor – the right hand man of the Editor on feature films. I oversee some of the technical aspects of post-production from shoot to completion, and have some creative input such as cuts, sound work and visual effects.

Which movies would we have seen your handy work in?
I’ve mostly been hired to work on French films. My first major project was on a French rom-com, which I had a bit of fun cutting too.

The movie that brought me to London was ‘Suite Française’ starring Michelle Williams, Matthias Schoenaerts, and Margot Robbie. A love story set during WWII.

My most recent project is ‘HHhH’ starring Rosamund Pike, Mia Wasikowska and Jack O’Connell. Another film set in WWII, this time following the assassins of Reinhard Heydrich, Head of the SS.

What do you do when you’re not working or travelling?
I love motorbikes! I always wanted to ride bikes and got my license four years ago. I own a super sports racing bike (a CBR1000R) that I ride around London. My next step is to take it on the track and really push it!

And you obviously find time to work out!
I do. I train at least 4 times a week focusing on weights and cardio.

Did you start working out at a young age?
When I was a kid I was really into martial arts but started weight training about 4-5 years ago. I’m naturally slim so it took me a few years to bulk up.

What’s next?
I’m focused on work. Based between London and Paris but I love travelling. I always thought I wanted to explore the world and it feels good sometimes to have a change of scenery… Who knows where that will take me. Maybe travel back to Africa occasionally to contribute to their emerging film industry.

That story is still in the making!


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