This is Clyde.
Clyde knows what works for his ass and what doesn’t.
D.HEDRAL underwear works, like it works for many guys – guys just like Clyde who want a little bit more.
Clyde doesn’t waste time looking through his underwear drawer wondering what the weekend might look like.
Things don’t just happen to Clyde, he makes things happen.
He likes to make a statement with the clothes he wears (and doesn’t wear), telling everybody what he’s about. And Y Not?
With the right pair of D.HEDRAL underwear he knows all about the power of making an impression.
Here’s to people like Clyde, who are a bit bolder than the rest.


D.HEDRAL Underwear & Beachwear with patented AngleFit Technology in every pair for enhanced fit and a more flattering silhouette than traditional underwear.