Kaltblut Magazine #OnesToWatch

Kaltblut magazine introduces its five favourite independent underwear labels paving the way of creative design, including ‘the Technical and chic D.HEDRAL’.

The playful WhatsApp inspired editorial features our Gigolo Joe II and Seamless briefs.

KALTBLUT: Hello D.Hedral ?  Haven’t seen you for some time. ?

Tell us about yourself..

D.Hedral: D.Hedral was conceived following research to find the ultimate fit of men’s underwear.

KALTBLUT: Now you’re talking my language ?

D.Hedral: We worked with a team of Pattern Cutters to explore and develop solutions to achieve this.

The result was the creation of our patented ‘AngleFit Technology’ used throughout our products.

KALTBLUT: ??  Whats that!!??

D.Hedral: This innovation introduces an angle, which, thanks to its geometric and elastic properties changes the tridimensional volume of the garment adapting it perfectly to the curves of each individual body.

KALTBLUT: Agh! That’s so cool ???  Definitely gonna get myself a pair … or 5 ha! ??