1. What is AngleFit?

AngleFit is the patented technology by D.Hedral Italia. A study was conceived to research ways to find the ultimate fit D.HEDRAL worked with many Pattern Cutters to explore and develop solutions to achieve this.The result was the creation of our Patented AngleFit Technology used throughout D.HEDRAL’s that introduces an angle, which, thanks to its geometric and elastic properties changes the tridimensional volume of the garment adapting it perfectly to the curves of each body. 


1. Are all the materials made in Italy?

Yes, Dhedral uses materials that are 100% made in Italy and all its products are maufactured by Italian companies.

2.Is the Beachwear ment to be used in a indoor pool with clorine-water?

 Our Beachwear do not have the anti-chlorine treatment. In the pool if not rinsed and dried after each use may have a faster degradation.


1. I’ve purchased a product, how can I find out when it will arrive?

Delivery will be made within 2/3 working days. Go to for further information.

2. How can I make more than one purchase at the same time?

Every time you click on ‘buy, the product selected will be put into your cart. When you click on ‘check out’ you will be redirected to the purchases page, if you then click on the cart icon, a summary of the products in your cart will appear.

3. Can I have the product delivered to a different address?

Yes, when you check out you can choose which address to have the product sent to.

4. If I want to send someone a present, can I have the parcel sent directly to the person in question without the invoice or delivery note?

Yes, this is possible if you specify the address you wish the goods to be sent to and whether or not the parcel is a gift during the check out phase. In these circumstances, the invoice and delivery note will be automatically sent to you by email.

5. How can I check the status of my orders?

You can find all the instructions here:

6. What are your payment methods?

We currently accept payment by all credit cards. As regards other credit cards, you can use PayPal, which is safe and quick and you don’t necessarily need to have an account already open. Once you have selected PayPal as your preferred method of payment, you should proceed by confirming the order, after which you will be automatically sent to the certified page where you will be able to choose which credit card you wish to make the payment with and then provide the required information.

7. Do you accept AMEX? 

If you want to pay by American Express, at checkout please follow these guidelines:
1. Select payment via Paypal account
2. You will be redirected to a page of Paypal
3. Click "Pay with a debit or credit card, PayPal or Credit"
4. Insert Cart Date and Complete the order form

8. Do I have to register before I can make a purchase?

That’s not necessary. You can choose to do either the traditional registration or the fast track check out when you are making a purchase. During the check out phase the system will ask you for all the details necessary for the completion of the procedure. A registered user is at an advantage because, once they have logged in, the system recognises their details and the purchasing process is therefore faster (because the basic information fields have already been filled in or because the billing address has been entered and recognised).

9. Does my cart calculate the shipping rates automatically?

No, the shipping costs are calculated during the check out phase.

10. I made a mistake on my order. What can I do?

Write to 



1. I’ve made a purchase but after 2/3 days the parcel still hasn’t arrived.

You can check the status of your order on the UPS website: by entering the Tacking Number you can find on the order confirmation sent to your email address.



1. Where can I change the destination for the delivery of my order?

During the check out phase you can indicate the delivery address for the parcel if it is different to the billing address.

2. How will I know when you have shipped my order?

You will receive an email confirming shipment.
You can check the status of your shipment by following this link:

3. How much it costs to ship the goods??

The shipping cost of your order is is automatically calculated by our system connected to UPS at the time of checkout. The cost may vary according to the country of delivery.

4. Where do you ship?

We deliver in all countries of the world served by UPS. 

5. How much will it takes to receive the goods? 

Plese check our delivery times here:

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