A study was conceived to research ways to find the ultimate fit of men’s underwear. 
D.HEDRAL worked with a team of Pattern Cutters to explore and develop solutions to achieve this. 
The result was the creation of our patented ‘AngleFit Technology’ used throughout our products.
This innovation introduces an angle, which, thanks to its geometric and elastic properties changes the tridimensional volume of the garment adapting it perfectly to the curves of each individual body.
The word D.Hedral comes from aeronautics. Dihedral angle is the upward angle from horizontal of the wings or tailplane of a fixed-wing aircraft. Dihedral angle has important stabilizing effects on flying bodies because it has a strong influence on the dihedral effect. 
D.HEDRAL is produced entirely in Italy using the finest Italian fabrics and craftsmanship. All suppliers participating in the production chain (procurement, planning and monitoring of production and product development) are carefully selected on the basis of compliance with the strictest regulations governing the “MADE IN ITALY” label.
We satisfy consumer demand for well designed, innovative and high quality apparel. The brand is bold, forward-thinking, modern & original.

The product offering is high-fashion, affordable luxury, athletic, contemporary, stylish, comfortable & high quality.
D.HEDRAL introduces an innovation in underwear & beachwear that offers tailored fit beyond a waistband measurement.
Patented ‘Anglefit Technology’ allows our product to curve closer to the body than traditional underwear and beachwear, creating unique figure-hugging definition with visibly enhanced results. Buying D.HEDRAL is likened to the investment of a made-to-measure suit.
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D.HEDRAL launched its first ad campaign starring international fashion model Aaron O’Connell in the summer of 2012,
introducing the now iconic Gigolo Joe style and AngleFit Technology concept.
AngleFit Technology soon caught the attention of press around the world receiving airtime on TV channels including ABC Good Morning America, ITV and Channel 4 along with articles in leading magazines, newspapers and online media.
In Spring 2013 former Scotland international rugby player Thom Evans signed as the face of D.HEDRAL with a campaign that introduced the D.HEDRAL Seamless and Beachwear collections.
Thom was seen as the perfect candidate to affirm D.HEDRAL’s brand positioning between the luxury, fashion and sport categories.
In Summer 2013 Thom starred in campaign film ‘La Sirena’ – a passionate love story that cemented Thom’s standing as one of sport’s most eligible bachelors.
Thom remained as the recognisable poster-boy of D.HEDRAL for two years.
In June 2015 D.HEDRAL announced the signing of Grand Slam winner and Olympic gold medallist Stan Wawrinka as global brand ambassador. This partnership reflects not only D.HEDRAL’s roots in Europe, fine quality craftsmanship and bold innovation but also a respect for Stan’s spirit that is characterised by his strength, steely determination and motivation.
D.HEDRAL has featured in leading publications including…
GQ, Men’s Health, Shortlist, Maxim, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The Mirror, The London Evening Standard,
Gizmodo, TrendHunter, Stuff, The Daily Mail and The Huffington Post.
Press Quotes 
"D.HEDRAL takes underpant technology to a new level with its ‘AngleFit’ design."
Simon Hills, The Times Magazine

"The best underwear for any eventuality."
“Brands [such as D.HEDRAL] are also using design innovation to tempt us to invest.”
The Telegraph

"Give the traditional gift a luxury twist with the best boxers and briefs from D.HEDRAL."

"Looking for underwear that perfectly fits your Rear? Then D.HEDRAL is your choice."
The Underwear Expert

Tom Evans Seamless Trunk
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