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Your personal data is processed mainly electronically and by IT by D.HEDRAL ITALIA and others who, chosen for their reliability and skills, carry out operations relating to achieving the aims of using the website, its services and the purchase of products on the website (see the paragraph dedicated to “Subjects who may process your personal data”).

Data is processed in order to provide the following services available through access to our website:
1. registration with the site, for the purposes of using its services; 2. the use of specific services and additional services, such as – among others – information services concerning our activities; 3. carrying out orders and related activities; 4. the management of your requests: commercial details, updates on orders and requests for information in general;
 5. contacting Customer Services.

When processing data which may, directly or indirectly, identify you, D.HEDRAL ITALIA will seek to do what is only strictly necessary.

D.HEDRAL ITALIA may use your data to send you advertising material about its services and products only if authorized to do so by you, except in the case specified in paragraph 4, section 130 of the Code governing the safeguarding of personal data; this regulation allows D.HEDRAL ITALIA, without your express authorization, to use your data for the direct sales of products similar to those you have purchased, unless you specifically withdraw this right to use your notified e-mail address.

Your data may be communicated to third parties only with your express authorization, except where such communication is a statutory requirement or is necessary to carry out an operation which, by law, does not require your authorization; in these cases, data may be communicated to third parties which process the data independently and only for the reasons specified above (for example to meet obligations under the Agreement stipulated with you, as is the case with communicating your data to PayPal for the payment of the products purchased).

Any reason for the processing of data other than those specified, for which you gave your data, will be notified to you and D.HEDRAL ITALIA shall obtain your authorization before using the data.
For some purposes, the regulations do not require authorization to be given: for example, D.HEDRAL ITALIA may process your personal data without obtaining your consent where a statutory requirement needs to be met or where D.HEDRAL ITALIA needs to meet its obligations under the Agreement with you (for example, when you purchase products or use the special services available on the site).

Your personal data may be transferred abroad, to a country outside the European Union, which does not guarantee proper levels of data security; where this is necessary in order to provide you with the services you have requested or to stipulate an agreement with D.HEDRAL ITALIA for the purchase of products, we ensure that the transfer of data to a country outside the European Union and which do not guarantee proper levels of data security, shall only take place after D.HEDRAL ITALIA has made a specific agreement for data processing which complies with statutory requirements.

It may occur that D.HEDRAL ITALIA finds itself processing the personal data of third parties communicated directly by website and service users to D.HEDRAL ITALIA , for example where a user wishes to purchase a product for a friend or relative, or where the person who pays for the product is not the same as the person to whom the product is to be delivered, or where a user wishes a friend or relative to use a service on or to consult the products for sale.
In these circumstances D.HEDRAL ITALIA shall ensure that the third party receives this Information sheet when his/her data is registered on file, but you are responsible for obtaining the consent of the person whose data is being registered before communicating it to D.HEDRAL ITALIA and for informing him/her of the Privacy Policy of D.HEDRAL ITALIA , because you are the sole person providing the data, for which consent has not been given, and hence solely you are liable for the improper or unlawful use of this data.


Providing D.HEDRAL ITALIA with your personal data, as requested from time to time, may be necessary for the purposes set out in this Information Sheet, or may be voluntary.
The obligatory or voluntary nature of data provision is specified each time data is requested – for each piece of information requested – by showing which piece of information must be provided.

If you decline to provide any obligatory information to D.HEDRAL ITALIA, the purposes for which the data is being requested cannot be fulfilled; specifically, if you decline to provide obligatory information D.HEDRAL ITALIA will not be able to stipulate a sales agreement with you for the purchase of products on or to provide other services provided by the site (for example the mailing list).

Providing D.HEDRAL ITALIA with other date, not shown as obligatory, is voluntary and does not carry any consequences in terms of the main aims of collecting the data (for example, it does not disqualify you from using the site and its services).


D.HEDRAL ITALIA has decided to avail itself of the services of third parties to process your personal data, for certain activities (such as, for example, UPS and PayPal).
Third parties who carry out these operations are properly selected, are experienced, skilful and reliable and are a guarantee of full compliance with statutory requirements in relation to data processing, including data security.
Third parties are called “data processing managers” and carry out their activities in compliance with all current statutory requirements.

Your data is processed by appointees for individual services; for any information about data collection and processing contact Customer Service by e-mail to:


You always have the right to obtain from D.HEDRAL ITALIA confirmation that your data has or has not been processed, whether or not you have registered with the site, and the data processed must be provided to you in an intelligible form.

You also have the right to obtain from D.HEDRAL ITALIA information about the origin of your personal data, the purposes and method of data collection, the logic applied where processing is by electronic instruments, details about the data processor and data processing manager, and any representative appointed pursuant to paragraph 2 of section 5 of the code governing the safeguarding of personal data, and details of who may be given your data or may come into possession of your data, as data processing managers or in any other capacity.

In addition, you always have the right to obtain from D.HEDRAL ITALIA:

1. the update, correction or integration of your personal date;
2. deletion, transformation into an anonymous form or blocking of any personal data processed in violation of the law, including any data which need not be retained for the purposes for which it was collected and subsequently processed;
3. a statement notifying you that all those in possession of your personal data have been notified of your request as per sub-sections 1) and 2) above, except where it is impossible to notify them or the effort to do so would clearly be out of all proportion with the right being safeguarded.

In all cases, you may decline, wholly or in part:

1. for legitimate reasons, to consent to the processing of your personal data (even where relevant for the purposes of data collection);
2. to consent to the processing of your personal data for the purposes of sending you advertising or direct marketing materials, to carry out market research or for commercial information.

At any time you may freely exercise your rights by writing to D.HEDRAL ITALIA (at its postal address or e-mail address:, and you will receive a prompt answer.


The controller of the data collected via the website is D.HEDRAL ITALIA s.r.l. (“D.HEDRAL ITALIA”), a company with registered office in Via deL Fresatore 7, 40138 – Bologna (Italy), tax, VAT and registration number with the Bologna Companies Register 03408351207.

The data controller independently decides the purposes and methods of data processing as well as the security procedures used to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data.


As things stand, your data may be processed by:

1. UPS for the purposes of delivering the goods purchased on the website to your address or returning them to the Seller;
2. PayPal, for the payment of the products purchased;

For any further information and for an updated list of those who may process your data, contact the Customer Service by sending an e-mail to the following address:


The details set out above are the minimum information D.HEDRAL ITALIA is obliged to give you under statutory regulations.

For any further information on the processing of your personal data by D.HEDRAL ITALIA , please read the Privacy Policy carefully.

To obtain information about your rights and the update of regulations governing the safeguarding of personal data and its processing, we recommend that you go to the website of the Watchdog Authority for the Safeguarding of personal data (currently at this address: and to examine the regulations enshrined in Legislative Decree 196 dated 30 June 2003 (“Code for the safeguarding of personal data”), in particular sections 7. –
 Right of access to personal data and other rights; 8. – Exercising your rights; 9. – How to exercise your rights; 10. –
 Confirming data to you 13.
– Information sheet and 130. – Unwanted communications.

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