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NAME: Netti Lapidot
BIRTHPLACE: Tel Aviv, Israel
AGE: 30
OCCUPATION: Movement artist, Teacher & Model
INSTAGRAM: @nettlapidot

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With the wealth of talents and physical ability, you might just well believe Netti is a superhero. He definitely has superhero powers! We meet the wonder boy who grew up in Israel with a fascination in physical education. Now at the age of 30, Netti is putting his expertise to good use in the form of his company SPARK which focuses on the individual development of his student’s physical fitness and mental enrichment. In this 3 part interview we’ll learn what makes Netti the man he is today whilst we chat to him mid-flight. He is living proof that your body really can achieve anything it wants to, and the rest, it can do with charm.

What was it like growing up in Israel?
As a child, at a really young age, I began practicing Martial Arts – starting with Judo and then later on to Taekwondo and Kung-Fu, with a little inspiration from my brother.
I loved growing up in Tel-Aviv, it’s warm, there’s the beach, it all promoted a very healthy lifestyle.
I remember also being a huge dancing fan. Everything from pop music and Michael Jackson through to break dancing. All my life I was always athletic, running, jumping from tree to tree doing crazy stuff. It was later that I took things more professionally with break dancing and Capoeira which I studied for 13 years. I took it very seriously and travelled the world with it as a teacher.

Would you say that sport and fitness is in your blood?
It was quite clear to me that I was good and many physical sports and activities, I remember being very good at volleyball and track and field sports. Long Jump, High Jump, Sprinting. I represented my City and Country for the sports but I never put too much emphasis on it as I always knew I wanted to do more of the acrobatics and the arts style of movement. This lead me to strength training and working out in the gym. This was very useful for my time in the army (18-21).

You told us that you learnt to do the splits as an adult!? Ouch!
My dads genetics didn’t make it so easy for me to naturally do the splits. It took a while. By the age of 23 I took mobility to the next level. I started focusing on tissue, my hips, hamstrings. It was a very dangerous place to be as this is where I could have injured myself with all my kicking and jumping and explosive movements. I took a lot of physio sessions to become softer. I lost a little strength and mass but it was worth it. Eventually after using several methods combined with lots of discipline, I was able to alter my body to perform the splits.

So if you are a SuperMan, a little messenger tells us that you are besties with Wonder Woman?
Haha, It’s true. It all started in the Israeli Army service. This is where I met Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman). At the time she had already been selected as the Beauty Queen of Israel so she was already known widely before she became a big actress. It was great to hang out with her in the mornings for tea, talks and training. We were close for 2 years and then she left the Army (girls serve for 2 years) and I had another year to complete.

We’d since worked together on model jobs: one that springs to mind was a booking for an Israeli brand called Castro. She was the main spokesperson for the brand and I was working along side her. She always made room for conversation, polite and generous. Regardless of our relationship as models or as gym trainers in the army, she always gave her best vibe and she’s remained down to earth even with her new found fame.

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What is your weekly and long-term diet-plan ?
I don’t have a diet. Versatility is the name of the game. You can eat the same thing every day but it will not contribute in the same way. It should be a personal recipe tuned to metabolism and blood-type. I do take very good care of my gut, I don’t put junk in my system. I really check what I buy, I eat the right amount of nutrients that I need, the right amount of protein and fats. I don’t drink Coca-Cola. I’m happy with water.

I eat when I’m hungry, I stop when I’m full. I take care of why I eat, when I eat and how I eat… I EAT!
The years of doing the gym made me very muscular and heavy so I made an active decision to reduce my weight and focus more on mobility and flexibility, losing the mass and becoming the more animalistic mover like I was in my younger years. I knew I needed to take a different approach to fitness

Tell us about your injuries, and did you break anything, were you out of training for months, how did you heal…
When you touch the fire, you will get burnt and as I was always very active it was inevitable that I would hurt myself more than once.

And the Modelling… How were you scouted?
Adidas came to watch our Capoeira and Martial Arts training in Israel. They were looking for young, good-looking people who could do crazy stunts, so I did the casting with a broken arm because at the time I was injured.

They selected me even though I had the cast on my arm. I was 17 and I remember doing all the hand stands and jumps as if I wasn’t injured or in pain. They even put the Adidas logo on my cast which was cool.
After the army service I was scouted by a model agency in Tel Aviv. With this I went to London, Istanbul, Miami, Greece, Milan, Germany and the US…

SPARK is your latest project… Tell us about this exciting adventure

Spark is a training and wellness system that I developed, founded in 2013 with boutique classes of 8-12 people. I started marketing it on social media, to family and friends, the idea was that I would start small. Unlike most other fitness classes around, I really wanted to focus on the individual. Although it was group training the idea was that each student had their own unique training as an individual.

One of my first students has been with me for 7 years now. She is one of the best movers I have known and you’ll find her in many of my pictures. Linda is also an amazing human being! I search to enrich all of my students far beyond physical training so I pride myself in nurturing inside and out. I spent a lot of my further studies focusing on how I could improve myself mentally as well as physically, so that I would be able to pass that new knowledge on to my students. It meant that I reduced my class from 100 students to just 4 at that time so that I could apply myself properly. So much of coaching and personal training is ‘out of the box’ or happens online with digital feedback and marginally accurate monitoring, I’m not saying these methods are bad, I just wanted to create a different way or focus. I know what I needed to do to make my mind and body the way it is now, and sadly that doesn’t grow with an online tutor.

Everyone gets their own private 1-to-1 guidance that covered, nutrition, recovery, stress management. Nobody has the same body, no-one heals the same way when they get injured. I felt like I could touch a lot of people with the things that I had learnt over the years.

Opening Spark gave me the opportunity to bring together all the tools I had learnt, that look over the horizon of fitness to include wellbeing.

I researched every kind of physical training there is, it totally geeked out for years. I took anatomy classes, filling my life with books and studies. I got crazy about all the information and the research, there is a lot of noise out there so it was just as important to know what not to absorb (all those wonder potion, quick fix dead-ends). It took me over a year to complete my findings…. What makes you move and how you can do it better. If you are injured – how you can heal and avoid it. Teaching the nervous system to deal with the new demands.

We have a broad range of tools to help everyone achieve their needs, if they need to treat an injury, create thinner legs, a higher jump, backflips, handstands, strength and conditioning… you name it. A big program of martial arts, acrobatics and flexibility will start soon so watch out for that on our social media for more news.

If you could support our readers with 5 initial things that get them on the SPARK way of thinking, what would they be?

1: Always be willing accept and adapt to change

2: Be ready to work hard and put all the bullshit aside… along with your ego.

3: Work hard and don’t stop with first fail or painful moment. Remember that you are not made out of crystal.

4: Stay human, be loyal to yourself, your friends and family because it’s more important than any fitness goal. And be the man / woman of your word. If you can’t keep promises to others, you’ll never be able to keep them for yourself.

5: Embrace the idea of a process. The whole universe is being built and evolved by one big process, be positive as you move through it, and watch the results come . Life will always improve when you’re happy and your environment is inspired by the good vibrations you create!

NETTI’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nettlapidot
SPARK’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sparkamove