DH12 No.5 Alexsandro Duarte (Night)


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Alexsandro Duarte is DH12 No.5.

NAME: Alexsandro Duarte
BIRTHPLACE: Joinville, South Brazil
AGE: 29
OCCUPATION: Soccer Player turned Personal Trainer / Musician
INSTAGRAM: @alexsandro_duarteee


Brazil-born Alexsandro Duarte is currently based in Dubai, which is where we met up with him.

Alexsandro’s story inspired us after he found strength through adversity to carve a career that has (and is) seeing him live his dream of travelling the world.

At the age of nine Alexsandro lost his father. The same time he started focusing on playing football. His strength and passion for the game saw him reach professional level as a teenager, playing for top teams in Brazil. That was until the age of 19 when an injury cut short his career. This forced him to focus on a different path but he didin’t give up. Some luck, and more hard work paid off as he is now a qualified personal trainer and model, living his dream!

In part two of our interview with Alexsandro we discuss training regime, advice for gym goers, Los Angeles, and his future plans! (read part 01)


What are your passions?

Other than football, I’ve always been crazy about fitness, sport and music.
I’m a guitar player and a songwriter.

Did your passion for fitness lead you to become a Personal Trainer?

Yes. I decided to study a six month course in fitness, which enabled me to start working with clients.


What’s your weekly training regime?

I try to focus on my training 7 days a week. But always alternating and mixing my workout sets.

Do you follow a strict diet?

Nope, I’ve never done any diet in my life, guess I was a bit blessed by god hahaha.


Did training open up new opportunities for you?

Yes. I was invited to work a Personal Trainer in Los Angeles that meant I could focus on both modelling and my training!

How long were you in LA?

I was there for two years before receiving a new offer to work as a Fitness Manager in a top gym in Dubai.


Was it difficult to adjust to life in Dubai following your time in LA?

Not really, I’m very easy going. I adapt very easily, anywhere, in a heartbeat.

What are you doing now?

I’m training a few celebrity clients in Dubai and working it alongside modelling.


How do your services differ from that of other personal trainers?

Well, I think every personal trainer has their own way to train people.
I can say that my services may be a bit different than other trainers because I was a soccer player. My knowledge is mixed with sport and fitness!

What advice would you give someone starting out at the gym?

Focus and give your maximum while working out!
Make a nice routine of meals during their days.
Eat every 4 hours. Just small portions or snacks are very helpful!


Do you have any regrets in life?

Honestly I don’t have any regrets in life
There was few decision in my life that it was wrong, but it made me learn and turn me into someone more stronger.

Who are your idols?

My mom and father are my number one idols. Although my father died when I was 9 years old he always will be my idol!


How do you describe happiness?

Family and friends

What’s next?

I want to build on what im doing now. Perhaps move back to LA to train Hollywood actors. I’m on my way and I know if I keep on going, I will get there sooner or later.


Follow Alexsandro on Instagram @alexsandro_duarteee

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