DH12 No.5 Alexsandro Duarte (Day)


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Alexsandro Duarte is DH12 No.5.

NAME: Alexsandro Duarte
BIRTHPLACE: Joinville, South Brazil
AGE: 29
OCCUPATION: Soccer Player turned Personal Trainer / Musician
INSTAGRAM: @alexsandro_duarteee


Brazil-born Alexsandro Duarte is currently based in Dubai, which is where we met up with him.

Alexsandro’s story inspired us after he found strength through adversity to carve a career that has (and is) seeing him live his dream of travelling the world.

At the age of nine Alexsandro lost his father. The same time he started focusing on playing football. His strength and passion for the game saw him reach professional level as a teenager, playing for top teams in Brazil. That was until the age of 19 when an injury cut short his career. This forced him to focus on a different path but he didin’t give up. Some luck, and more hard work paid off as he is now a qualified personal trainer and model, living his dream!


What was it like growing up in Brazil?

It was amazing. Brazil is a beautiful country and there’s a lot of opportunities over there, but I always had a dream to explore the world.

When did you begin playing soccer?

I started playing at the age of 9 and turned professional aged 16, playing for teams in Brazil including Palmeiras, Joinville and Marcilio Dias.

Why did you stop playing professionally?

At the age of 19 I had a very serious injury that ended my career.


Can you tell us more about the injury?

It was a knee injury. I damaged all the ligaments from my knee to my ankle, which disabled me from playing soccer.

Is it something that still affects you to this day?

Not really. I feel really good, like I could still be playing but the doctor said it was too risky for me to continue, so the best option was to quit!

What did you do following the injury?

I started working as a model, and living my dream of travelling the world.


How were you scouted?

Through a friend of mine who was a model. When he asked me I said ‘no you’re crazy’ haha. I never saw myself as a model, but he convinced me to go to his agency to meet the bookers.

When I first got there I was a bit shy as they asked me to remove my shirt. It was pretty weird for me at the time.

Anyway, they liked me a lot and said I could do really well but I would have to follow their instructions as I didn’t understand anything about modeling industry.

So I decided to give a shot, and here I am!


How did you find entering such a competitive industry that is based on looks?

Well to be honest, at the beginning I was a bit lost but after a while clients and photographers made me believe that I had a different look than the majority of models.

But honestly, I never took this job as a competition!


Why do you think so many Brazilians take fitness and vanity so seriously?

I think it’s in our blood. We are born with this passion, like for soccer and fitness!

What has been one of your most memorable experiences whilst travelling?

Jobs on paradise islands around the world. In 10 years I’ve visited more than 25 countries and had the best experiences of my life.

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