DH12 No.4 Tyler James (DAY)


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Tyler James is DH12 No.4.

NAME: Tyler James
BIRTHPLACE: Orange County, California
OCCUPATION: Hospitality Manager / Actor / Model


American born Tyler James is currently living in Los Angeles carving his career to becoming a professional actor. However, Tyler is not your everyday ‘wannabe’ attracted by the bright lights and parties the city has to offer!
With a finely honed moral compass and spiritual connection to mother earth, Tyler is more likely to be found exploring nature on the outskirts of the city than rubbing shoulders with Hollywood’s a-listers. He works this into his busy schedule that includes castings, a full-time job, and perfecting his admirable physique in the gym.
Tyler’s good looks, charm, humour, and beliefs have seen him gain a loyal following on social media, which he uses to try and inspire others to be the best they can be.

In part two of our interview with Tyler we discuss workout regimes, fitness, and social media!
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How have you achieved your great physique?

Through years of dedication and hard work. There are no secret workouts or routines. No magical supplement or machine is gonna do the work for you. Consistency is a major key and you have to become deeply in tune with your body. If you listen hard enough, it will tell you everything you need to know.

Do you take any supplements?

Yes, I take vitamins and protein shakes to help with all the missing nutrients through my busy day. But, there are no shortcuts. My body is a physical representation of my will-power and dedication. It shows how far and how hard I’m willing to push myself because no one is gonna push you. No one is gonna help you. You have to feel that fire burning inside you to break through any barriers and obstacles in your path. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Just be better than you were yesterday. Keep moving forward.


How often do you workout?

4 to 5 times a week and always make sure I get to the Iron Paradise gym. It is my home, where I feel comfortable and everything that results from what takes place in there is purely because of the hard work I am willing to put in.
If I have castings all day I’ll go after midnight when I get off work. If I don’t have castings in the morning, I’ll hit it before work, but I always get to the gym.

What are your pet hates at the gym?

Other people. lol. I don’t like crowded gyms. I move quick in my routine and strongly dislike it if I have to wait or someone asks to jump in on in-between sets. So you will typically never see me in the gym because I go at hours when no one is around. haha.

What advice would you give someone starting out at the gym?

Don’t give up. This journey takes time. My body is built from years of dedication. DO NOT GIVE UP. See, you have to make choices and sacrifices, just like with all things in life. When your friends go out to drink and party, but it’s workout night? I choose the gym. It’s my therapy time from everything going on in my world that stresses me out. If I have one last workout to complete my week and I want it to be killer I won’t go out the night before. Your fitness journey must become your priority. It’s not for everybody, but if it’s for you, don’t give up.


You’ve gained quite a following on social media!

My following is growing and I’m shocked and incredibly thankful for all the fans. I’m always surprised when people reach out to me and say that I inspire them. It’s incredible. I love it when fans appreciate the hard work I put into it.

You’re well known for your humour and inspirational quotes…

All my captions and hashtags have a lot of thought behind them. I always read all the comments people leave, and it’s awesome that people find me entertaining. It’s a great outlet for my creativity.
I’ve had some people get real ugly with negativity, but it doesn’t bother me. “Haters gonna hate and ainters gonna aint.” – James Franco in The Interview.


What are your goals on social media?

To invoke inspiration. Perhaps through my journey people will find strength and also be entertained along the way. I hope to create and have a strong presence to become an influencer in the social media world.

What’s next?

I’m actually about to embark on a social media venture. So I hope everyone will stay tuned. For the future is yet to be written and my eyes are fixed on the horizon.

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