DH12 No.4 Tyler James (NIGHT)


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Tyler James is DH12 No.4.

NAME: Tyler James
BIRTHPLACE: Orange County, California
OCCUPATION: Hospitality Manager / Actor / Model


American born Tyler James is currently living in Los Angeles carving his career to becoming a professional actor. However, Tyler is not your everyday ‘wannabe’ attracted by the bright lights and parties the city has to offer!
With a finely honed moral compass and spiritual connection to mother earth, Tyler is more likely to be found exploring nature on the outskirts of the city than rubbing shoulders with Hollywood’s a-listers. He works this into his busy schedule that includes castings, a full-time job, and perfecting his admirable physique in the gym.
Tyler’s good looks, charm, humour and beliefs have seen him gain a loyal following on social media, which he uses to try and inspire others to be the best they can be.

Hi Tyler, tell us a bit about yourself…

My name is Tyler James and I’m currently working in hospitality, and food & beverage while I make my way as an actor and model in the great city of Angels where the ocean meets the sand, also known as, Los Angeles.

We hear you’re quite the rebel?

Well… I try not live by societies standards. I live freely, speak freely. As such, a wise man knows when to hold his tongue. I question everything and communicate forwardly and without filter. My rebellious mouth will often get me in trouble. Haha!

Does that mentality have implications on your lifestyle?

I continue to make my own way in this world observing the behavior of the human race. I know everyone says they are so different and the words “rebel” or “free spirit” are often thrown around, but it takes great courage to face the world and to be yourself and live completely free from the influences of society. I guess at the end of it, you could say I am a rebel or free spirit because I’m willing to stand against any oppressive force and question what society deems the “norm”.


What are you hoping to achieve/change?

I don’t like bullies or anyone who carries themselves like they are any better than anyone else for any reason. We are all here on the same journey. “Where must we go.. we who wander this wasteland in search of our better selves.”  I believe everyone should take the journey to free themselves from the shackles of this world on the road to enlightenment. This mentality is why I’ve lived as an ‘outcast’ or ‘lone wolf’, wandering the outskirts silently observing. Living a life free of fear.

Do you have a heightened connection with nature?

I’ve always been connected to it. Even as a young boy I would spend all the hours of the day wandering property lines in fields of tall grass and wooded forests. My childhood home was on 10 acres, and from sun up to sun down I would spend my time traveling farther and farther each day. Each day pushing the boundaries of my exploration. Nature and the woods are where I feel at home… safe… even in the calm dark of the twilight hours, I feel more comfortable than in the daylight with the lots of people.

How do you view planet earth?

I look at her as a living breathing organism. It ebbs and flows like waves crashing against the sand… Humans have become so busy with their lives. Reminds of the Ferris Bueller quote, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” I view the world as broken in this current state… it seems to have lost its way. Perhaps we should go back to nature, to a time much simpler than this.


How did this life lead you into acting?

We are all artists looking to express that which burns inside us. My way to express myself and handle the things going on in my young life was to take to drama class. I always watched in awe at the worlds and characters created on T.V and in movies and I always wanted to be there, be a part of the magic.

So you’ve had this passion burning since a child?

I had a great imagination as a kid and was always creating worlds to live in. I was a lost boy in Neverland never wanting to grow up. So, when I came of age, I explored drama class in school and loved it. Armed with my wit and sense of humor, I always enjoyed entertaining my friends and classmates. Matched with improv, drama class became a perfect place for my imagination. So it’s always been something in my blood.


What is life like in LA?

After high school, I moved down to Los Angeles to try and figure it all out and make my way onto the big screen.
Life in L.A. is hectic. Driving is stressful. There’s always traffic and never any parking. haha. I live away from the city, which is not recommended if you’d like to do what it is I’d like to do.


And life for a working actor?

I’ll let you know when I get there! I’m still working on getting work. But so far, it’s a tough undertaking. Constant auditions and castings every day. Constant rejection and ridiculous competition. I had recently booked a music video for a young female group and I almost didn’t go to the audition. They were looking for someone who could dance and it was after a long week of auditions all day and working the restaurant job all night. Squeezing in the gym left little time for sleep. So I showed up with the wrong wardrobe because I didn’t get the memo on the last minute wardrobe change.
I got called and asked to dance to a song but slower than what the actual beat was because the beat was too fast. Oddly enough, this was the job I booked and it was an amazing experience!

One tip for a wannabe actor?

ALWAYS SHOW UP. Never let any excuses get in the way. No matter how exhausted you are or how many reasons you shouldn’t be there…. always show up.

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