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You are asked to carefully read the Privacy Policy of the website, which applies every time you access the site, consult its pages or use its services, irrespective of whether you purchase any products.


The principles on which the D.HEDRAL ITALIA Privacy Policy is based are as follows:

1. data is processed exclusively for the purposes and with the methods illustrated in the Information Sheet provided at the moment the data was collected;
 2. data may be used for other purposes only with the express consent of the user; 3. data may be communicated to third parties only for the purposes of providing the requested services and a data processing manager is always appointed; data is not communicated, handed over or transferred to third parties for processing unless the user has been informed and has given express authorization; 4. any request to delete, modify or integrate personal data by the user is promptly met and users may decline to allow their data to be used for commercial or advertising purposes; 5. data is managed properly and lawfully, guaranteeing the safeguarding of the privacy of users, and proper security procedures are adopted to ensure confidentiality, integrity and the availability of the data collected.


Your personal data is processed mainly electronically and by IT by D.HEDRAL ITALIA and others who, chosen for their reliability and skills, carry out operations relating to achieving the aims of using the website, its services and the purchase of products on the website (see the paragraph dedicated to “Subjects who may process your personal data”).

When processing data which may, directly or indirectly, identify you, D.HEDRAL ITALIA will seek to do what is only strictly necessary.

The specific purposes for which your data may be processed are set out in the Information Sheet, which is submitted to the user when he/she is asked to provide any information.

In general, data is processed for the purposes of providing the following services available on the site:
1. registration with the site, in order to use its services; 2. the use of specific services and additional services, such as – among others – information services concerning our activities; 3. carrying out orders and related activities; 4. the management of your requests: commercial details, updates on orders and requests for information in general;
5. contacting Customer Services.

D.HEDRAL ITALIA may use your data to send you advertising material about its services and products only if authorized to do so by you, except in the case specified in paragraph 4, section 130 of the Code governing the safeguarding of personal data (which allows D.HEDRAL ITALIA, without your express authorization, to use your data for the direct sales of products similar to those you have purchased, unless you specifically withdraw this right to use your notified e-mail address).

(Measures introduced by the Watchdog Authority for the safeguarding of personal data on 19 June 2008, simplifying the requirements for the processing of data for administrative and accounting purposes)

We draw your attention to the fact that the Watchdog Authority for the safeguarding of personal data has introduced a measure making it possible for data controllers, who in a private context, have sold a product or provided a service, for ordinary administrative and accounting purposes, to use addresses (including e-mail addresses, as already permitted by law) provided by purchasers in order to send advertising and direct marketing materials or to carry out market research or provide commercial communications.

This must be done in compliance with guarantees provided that:

1. the promotional activities concern the goods and services of the data controller or similar products and services to those offered for sale;
2. at the moment the data is collected and when any communications are send for the above purposes, the user must be informed of the option to decline to consent to data processing at any time, freely and without charge, by e-mail, fax or telephone and obtain immediate conformation that his/her personal data is no longer being processed;
3. the user, duly informed of his/her rights, does not object to the use being made of the data, nor withdraws his/her consent subsequently when further communications are sent.


D.HEDRAL ITALIA avails itself of the services of third parties to process your personal data, for certain activities (such as, for example, UPS and PayPal).

Third parties who carry out these operations are properly selected, are experienced, skilful and reliable and are a guarantee of full compliance with statutory requirements in relation to data processing, including data security.
Third parties are called “data processing managers” and carry out their activities in compliance with all current statutory requirements.

Your data is processed by appointees for individual services; for any information about data collection and processing contact Customer Service by e-mail to:


Our site uses automatic systems for the collection of data not directly provided by the user, such as cookies.

A cookie is a file transmitted to the user’s browser, which contains information and enables the activity on the website to be monitored and to associate the user with the personal information provided on the site.

In particular, we have set up the cookies for the browsing of the catalogue, the purchase on-line of products and the provision of our services.

The Internet browser allows the cookies to be deleted after each session, or to deactivate them at the before surfing the web.

If you wish to delete or deactivate the cookies, please consult the Internet browser for instructions on how to do so.

To use the site and its services, including the purchase of products, you must accept the procedures for the automatic collection of data.

If you have activates the procedure for deleting cookies, D.HEDRAL ITALIA cannot guarantee the proper display of all the pages on the website or the provision of some services, such as – for example – the recall and display of the products you have chosen to purchase during the on-line purchasing procedure.


We adopt security measures with due diligence for the purpose of reducing the risk to a minimum of the destruction or loss, including accidental loss, of data, unauthorized access or data processing or processing which is not compliant with the purposes for which the data was collected, as specified in our Privacy Policy.

Nevertheless, D.HEDRAL ITALIA cannot guarantee users that the measures it adopts for the security of the site and the transmission of data and information on the site limit or exclude all risks of unauthorized access or the transmission of data via user devices.

We recommend that you ensure that your computer is fitted with proper software (such as updated anti-virus software) protecting the data transmitted to and from the site) and that your Internet provider also has adopted adequate security measures.


If you wish to receive further information about how D.HEDRAL ITALIA processes your data, please send us an e-mail at

For information about your rights and for updates on the regulations governing the safeguarding of these rights in relation to the processing of personal data, we recommend that you visit the site of the Watchdog Authority for the safeguarding of personal data (currently on


D.HEDRAL ITALIA may amend or update part or whole of the Privacy Policy of the website, as a result of changes in the relevant legislation and the regulations protecting your rights, or for other reasons.

The amendments and updates of the Privacy Policy of D.HEDRAL ITALIA shall be notified to users in the Legal Area of the website, as and when they are adopted by D.HEDRAL ITALIA and shall be immediately applicable and binding on users.

Please therefore access this area of the site regularly to check for the most up-to-date version of the Privacy Policy.


This Privacy Policy is governed by Italian law and specifically by the Code for the safeguarding of personal data (Legislative Decree 196 dated 30 June 2003 and subsequent amendments and additions), governing the processing of personal data – including data held abroad – carried out by anyone resident or with registered office in Italy.

The Code guarantees that personal data is processed in compliance with your rights, fundamental freedoms and dignity and also guarantees confidentiality and the security in relation to data that identifies you.

For further information, see the Information Sheet


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